Mock Interviews Prepare Teacher Ed Seniors for Professional Careers

February 14, 2014
The School of Education's (SOE) Teacher Education Program hosted a mock interview seminar for graduating seniors on Jan. 24. Two local principals, Sarah Holland from River Valley Intermediate and Jeff Gasaway from Midway High School, gave Baylor students the secrets to getting hired as a teacher.
The mock interview seminar is one of four profession-building opportunities offered to seniors. Other seminars focus on resume writing, teacher and job preparation, and a final evaluation for job-seeking students.
"We're getting viewpoints from the people students will be interacting with," said Sandra Parnell, assistant director in the SOE Office of Professional Practice, which coordinated the annual seminar.
Gasaway said he enjoys sharing his expertise with aspiring educators. He emphasized to students the importance of "selling yourself" in a 30-minute time frame and the value of doing research on schools of interest.
Holland said about 700 applicants vie to fill 25 positions at River Valley Intermediate each year, so it's important for students to effectively represent what they have to offer during interviews.
To give students an idea of what to expect, Holland gave future elementary school educators the opportunity to conduct a mock interview. One student acted as the interviewee while six others were the interviewing committee. They discussed special education, teaching methods, teamwork, stress control, leadership, and behavior management. Throughout their discussion, Holland noted the "dos and don'ts" of the interview process.
Students also had the opportunity to watch a video of the late Dr. Rita Pierson speaking to Baylor SOE students in spring 2013. As a former high school educator, author, and advocate for anti-poverty initiatives, Pierson gave insight on nine parent groups that the future educators could encounter during their careers. The video was followed by "in-basket" activities in which students created solutions for scenarios involving what Pierson called "parental participation."
"If students are taking advantage of what Baylor is offering them, they will be so well prepared," Holland said. -- Briana Rojas

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