Delaney Jansen

BSEd Student, Special Education

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

I knew I wanted to be a Special Education teacher when I was a part of a program called PALS in high school, and through that I had the opportunity to interact with the Life Skills classroom almost every school day. I loved getting to hang out with the students and seeing the structure of the class!

SPED cohortIf you could change one thing about the education system, what would you change?

One thing I would change about the education system is to create more opportunities for students with special needs as a whole.

What is your favorite memory of clinical teaching?

My favorite memory from teaching is from last fall 2019, the first semester of my Teaching Associate experience, when I was in a first-grade class at Hillcrest PDS, and I got to have a small group of two boys. I just really enjoyed getting to see them grow and have fun while learning, which had been pretty tough for them at the beginning of the semester.