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Summer Superintendents Institute

Baylor University and the K-12 Educational Leadership program welcome you to the first annual Summer Superintendents’ Institute to be held June 19 and 20. An invitation to participate in the Summer Superintendents’ Institute is extended to identified superintendents who are considered thought-leaders in Texas public schools, leading their systems in creating future-focused schools. The Institute is designed to support superintendents who have a desire to transform learning experiences  for students. We know that as educational leaders, superintendents have a sense of urgency to lead whole-system change, so that schools prepare students to thrive in their world.

Leading a Legacy of Successful Transformation for Schools and School Systems is the topic for this year’s Institute. Lyle Kirtman, nationally known co-author with Michael Fullan of Leadership: Key Competencies for Whole System Change, is the featured speaker. We’ll hear from Kevin Brown, Executive Director of Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and get a peek at the future  industries and emerging career fields in Texas when we hear from Ruth Hughs, Chair and Commissioner of the Texas Workforce Commission.

The Summer Institute begins at noon on June 19, and concludes at noon on June 20. We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Superintendents’ Institute.

If you are a future-focused superintendent and are interested in learning more, contact Dr. Karen Rue: