MTA Keynote Speaker 2018

MTA Keynote Speaker Dr. WarshauerDr. Hiroko Kawaguchi Warshauer
“Supporting Students’ Productive Struggle in Learning Mathematics”

Dr. Hiroko Kawaguchi Warshauer received her Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011. Her research interests include areas of teaching and learning that foster productive struggle and investigation of professional teacher noticing of student thinking at pre-service and in-service levels.

She is co-author of the Math Explorations curriculum, a Texas Mathworks middle school textbook series adopted in Texas and the Mathworks Junior Summer Math Camp curriculum Math Quest.

She regularly provides professional development to support curriculum implementation. She is the Mathworks research coordinator, overseeing Mathworks-related research about summer math camps, teacher training, curriculum, and classroom interactions with faculty and doctoral students in mathematics and mathematics education.

Dr. Warshauer’s MTA presentation will describe productive struggle and examine ways that teachers can effectively implement the practice in support of students’ understanding of mathematics. We will introduce the Productive Struggle Framework to analyze the nature of student struggles, possible teaching responses, and resolutions that result. We will also discuss possible strategies and indicators of productive struggle and share implications from research.