About Baylor SOE

Baylor School of Education is uniquely equipped to guide the Center for Christian Education toward its distinctive aims. Ranked among the nation’s top 20 schools of education at private institutions, the School has prepared educational leaders for 100 years. In 2017, the School earned a national award for its partnership with a local school district to train teachers through intensive faculty-guided fieldwork. For two years in a row — 2016 and 2017 — a Baylor senior received the award as Student Teacher of the Year for the State of Texas.

Faith animates the School’s work to impact the world through education. Undergraduate students in teacher education begin serving in local schools during their first semester of classes — resulting in both an early start to field training and an opportunity for meaningful impact with a student. A robust program in international education takes students to several continents to study comparative education and serve on a global level.

The School in 2017 launched an EdD in K-12 Educational Leadership that prepares superintendents and other leaders for service to diverse learners and communities. Soon the School will re-open the master’s program in Educational Leadership, designed to prepare principals and other school leaders.

Baylor SOE Mission:

The mission of the Baylor University School of Education is to prepare, within a Christian environment, individuals who improve society through leadership, teaching, research and service within their professions and communities.