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Baylor Center for Christian Education

Baylor University is uniquely qualified — with both the commitment and the capacity — to become the world’s premier site for research and preparation of Christians in educational leadership. As a nationally ranked research institution with a distinctively Christian mission, Baylor is blessed with rich intellectual assets that enable the university to facilitate the production and dissemination of scholarship to improve leadership in faith-based schools and secular schools in the U.S. and around the world.

Our aim:

The Center for Christian Education (CCE), situated in Baylor University’s School of Education, values and promotes the inestimable importance of Christian schools and the leadership of Christians in all types of schools in the U.S. and abroad. The CCE equips leaders for impactful, innovative, mission-minded service in distinct school settings. The CCE also equips schools with a diverse portfolio of activities that range from research to leadership development initiatives, the convening of conferences and symposia, and field-based consultative services. Ultimately, the CCE aims to create an avenue for leaders of education to not only excel in the role of Christian leader but to provide transformational leadership within the leader’s distinct institution that will positively impact generations of students.

Our approach:

The CCE uses a three-pronged approach to fulfilling this mission: 

  • by facilitating workshops through our Academies and Institutes,
  • by partnering with schools in Collective Leadership Improvement Communities, and
  • by offering Graduate and Post-Graduate degree programs,

Christian leaders will be equipped to confidently engage an ever-changing educational landscape.

Our invitation:

If you are a Christian serving in an educational context, we desire to serve and encourage you in this endeavor. Please look through our links on the right side of this page to learn more about this three-pronged approach that will equip you personally and professionally as a leader and facilitate growth at your school.