Emily Draper with Esther Navarrete

Emily Draper, BSEd '12:
Alumni Spotlight

Emily Draper teaches at Hillcrest Professional Development School in Waco ISD. She is picture with fellow teacher Esther Navarrete during Esther's senior year, when she was a student teaching intern in Emily's classroom.

Q: What did it mean to you to earn a scholarship to complete your degree in the School of Education?

Earning a scholarship was a trifecta of feelings.  Honor to have been deemed worthy, pride in what I had accomplished and the relief in knowing financially it would be a bit easier to make ends meet.

Q: Why did you want to be a teacher?

I have never seen myself doing anything else.  I love watching littles grow, change and develop.

Q: What rewards do you get from teaching?

As a kindergarten teacher, I cherish three specific milestones above the others.  First is watching my students completely fall in love with reading.  As the world of books opens up to them and they are able to fully engage in reading, their entire face lights up.  Secondly watching the emotional growth my students undergo throughout the year is huge.  They become independent problem-solvers capable of regulating their own emotions and working cooperatively.  

Q: What do you love about Baylor generally and the School of Education program specifically?

I love everything about Baylor—the sense of family, traditions and the belief in serving the Lord through your career.  Specifically concerning the School of Education, I love the structure of the program, the expectation for candidates to be working in schools beginning freshman year. But above all else I love the professors.  To this day I am still able to call, e-mail or pop into office hours to discuss a concept, student behavior and have the support and attention they gave me as a student.  Dr. Janet Bagby, Dr. Barbara Cassidy, Dr. Mary Witte, Dr. Sandi Cooper, Dr. Suzanne Nesmith, and Margaret Thomson have had some of the most incredible influences on my teaching career and I am still in touch with all of them!