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iEngage students
Waco Tribune-Herald

River Valley 5th-graders start charity for Family Abuse Center

iEngage Summer Civics Institute

Chloe Greenmum and Maddie Jackson, both 10, and Kaylie Stone, 11, came up with Pillowcases of Hope with other students after attending a civics camp at Baylor University this summer. as of this week, the girls are in the middle of their second donation drive for the center, which is expected to last through Saturday.

At the iEngage Summer Civics Institute, the girls learned ways to make a difference in their communities and were tasked with coming up with a service-learning project at the end of the five-day camp to show off what they learned.

They did not stop at making a presentation about the idea. The girls wanted it to become a reality, they said. They pleaded with their parents to make it happen, and once Chloe’s father, Peter Greenmum, reached out to Maddie’s mother, Amy Jackson, the idea started to take shape.

Brooke Blevins and Larry BrowningWaco Tribune-Herald

Baylor aims for new bilingual education program

Dr. Larry Browning, Chair, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Brooke Blevins, Associate Chair, Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction

Baylor University is considering a new undergraduate and graduate program for training bilingual educators in an effort to fill an increasing need in McLennan County, School of Education officials said.

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is in the midst of a search for a senior-level faculty member to get the program off the ground and hopes to have it up and running by next fall, department chairman Larry Browning said.

“It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, so there has been some talk in the past of what we were going to do,” Browning said.

Dr. Karen RueTAMU News

Distinguished Educator, Former Student To Be Honored At ALI
Nov. 2

Dr. Karen Rue, Clinical Professor in K-12 Leadership, Dept. of Educational Leadership

A distinguished Texas A&M graduate was honored with one of the most coveted awards amongst Texas educators at the 2017 Dr. John R. Hoyle Memorial Administrative Leadership Institute (ALI). Dr. Karen Rue '02, clinical professor at Baylor University’s School of Education, received the Golden Deeds For Education Award on Thursday, Nov. 30, for her years of educational service. The Golden Deeds Award is given to an educator who has been a consistently positive force for Texas students and teachers. A nominating committee consisting of statewide superintendents selects recipients. 

Elena LeonMidway ISD Video:

Midway Middle School P.E. Partners
Sept. 19

Elena Leon, BSEd '17, Midway Middle School teacher
Dr. Herb Cox, BSEd ’79, EdD ’08, Midway Middle School Principal

This video showcases the new P.E. Partners Program at Midway Middle School, a Professional Development School campus of Baylor School of Education. The program build empathy through inclusion practices in physical education classes.
The program was also covered by the Waco Tribune-Herald in a story by Shelly Conlon:
New special-education PE program teaches Midway students about inclusion


Dr. John WilsonThe Texas Tribune

The Q&A: John E. Wilson
Sept. 14
By Emma Platoff

Dr. John Wilson, Clinical Professor and Program Director of the Ed.D. in K-12 Educational Leadership

"In the public arena, we serve all children and all families, whether they’re rich or poor, or whatever their ethnicity is, whatever their socioeconomic status is, whatever religious belief they come from, whatever walk of life they come from, whatever status they enter the system in. Part of our challenge, and role, is to be able to start with children where they are."

UYP students
Waco Tribune-Herald

Baylor Outreach Grant Saves Summer Program for Low-income Students
July 28
Story by Shelly Conlon

Dr. Susan Johnsen, professor, Educational Psychology
Dr. Michael McLendon, interim provost, Baylor University

"Baylor University is offering a community outreach grant to pull a summer program for low-income Waco ISD students back from the brink of closure as the city of Waco prepares to finalize its decision to pull funding, Baylor interim Provost Michael McLendon announced Friday. The new recurring grant will replace the $37,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant money the city plans to stop giving Project Promise, Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogleman said. The news comes after 20 people spoke July 18 against a proposal by city officials to scale back on the number of organizations receiving money from Waco’s shrinking pool of the block grant money starting in the next budget cycle."

KWTX – News Channel 10

Project Promise (part of University for Young People) on KWTX
June 30, 2017
Dr. Susan Johnsen, professor, Educational Psychology
Corina Kaul, doctoral student, Educational Psychology
Rachel Vaughn, BSEd ’17, Project Promise mentor

KWTX reporter Rhyan Henson covered the Project Promise program, which provides a three-week day enrichment program for low-income students in Waco ISD who are identified as gifted and talented. Previous grant funding for the program is at risk of non-renewal.

Watch on KWTX site


Dr. Talbert teaching in First Street Cemetery, WacoWaco Tribune-Herald

History Teachers Get Lesson in Student Engagement with Cemetery Scavenger Hunt
June 28, 2017
Story by Shelly Conlon

Dr. Tony Talbert, professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Chris Lemley, doctoral student, Curriculum & Instruction

“More than 30 teachers from 11 school districts are spending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday listening to presentations by other social studies teachers and exploring historical sites in Waco.”

The story was also distributed by Associated Press and appeared on several news aggregate sites as well as newspapers such as the Albany Times Union and the Brownsville Herald.

Waco Tribune-Herald

Dr. Michael McLendonLivingstone Picks Education Dean as Interim Baylor Provost
June 27, 2017
Dr. Michael McLendon, dean, Baylor School of Education

“We are blessed to have such a noted higher education scholar on the Baylor campus who can immediately step in and serve the university as interim provost during this important time of transition,” Livingstone said in a statement. “Dr. McLendon fully understands the role of the provost, as his scholarly work has focused extensively on postsecondary governance, finance and policy. His knowledge of and familiarity with Baylor, as an undergraduate and dean, are certainly an added benefit.”

Freedom School childrenWaco Tribune-Herald

STAYING SHARP IN SUMMER: Baylor Starts Freedom School Focused on Avoiding Summer Learning Loss
June 26, 2017
Story by Shelly Conlon
Dr. Lakia Scott, assistant professor, Curriculum & Instruction
Branda Greening, BSEd ’17

“It’s been fun. We’ve been learning new stuff, like reading different kinds of books and doing fun activities,” sixth-grader Julian Santacruz said. “Freedom School is fun, but you’ve got to do a lot of stuff to make you better and smarter to get to the next grade. I want other people to come so they know how I felt in Freedom School. I didn’t really like to read before until I read these good books.”

KWTX - News Channel 10

Freedom Schools on KWTX
June 15, 2017
Dr. Lakia Scott, assistant professor, Curriculum & Instruction

KWTX covered the launch of Baylor School of Education's Freedom School at Cesar Chavez Middle School, runing through July 28. Freedom Schools is a seven-week summer literacy enrichment program founded by Children's Defense Fund. Social action, character building, and STEAM activities are built into the program so children engage in an interactive, meaningful curriculum. 


Dr. Dub OliverWaco Tribune-Herald

Christian Higher Ed Seminar Attracts Administrators, Past Baylor Leaders
May 19, 2017
Featured: Dr. Rishi Sriram, associate professor of educational leadership; Dr. Dub Oliver, BSEd ’87, president of Union University

"Higher education has a lot of oppourtnities to try to develop leaders, but there are much fewer opportunities that really focus on what it means to lead institutions that are faith-based Christian higher education institutions," said Rishi Sriram, Baylor associate professor of higher education and student affairs.


Baylor Magazine

Flag photo on BU campusBaylor VETS Program Aids Student Veterans in Transition
Spring 2017
Dr. Janet Bagby, senior lecturer, Educational Psychology, founder of the Baylor VETS program, based on her research into the education challenges for student veterans in higher education.

Baylor was named a 2017 “Military Friendly School” by, and the services VETS provide were the driving force behind the honor. VETS resources include a Veterans Transition Class, a Salutes to Sic ’ems mentor program that connects students with Baylor faculty and staff members who also served, academic support, a Veterans of Baylor student organization and more. 

Equipped for Global Impact
Spring 2017
Don and Janette Carpenter, donors of the Carpenter Embedded Global Classroom
Dr. Michael McLendon, dean

Don Carpenter said, "Through experiences in global classrooms, Baylor students can develop understanding and empathy to help them as they teach and influence students of their own throughout their careers.”

Baylor Education Students Receive State Recognitions
Spring 2017
Stephanie Wright, BSEd ’16, Texas Student Teacher of the Year
Dr. Krys Goree, director of the SOE's Office of Professional Practice and director of field experiences for Baylor students.
Kaitlyn Welsh, BSEd ’16
Dr. Sheila Gloer, senior lecturer, Curriculum & Instruction

Baylor Line magazine image
Baylor Line Magazine

In Praise of Great Teaching (highlighting 10 outstanding professors)
Winter 2017 Issue
Dr. Mona Choucair, senior lecturer, Curriculum & Instruction, Faculty-in-Residence, Education Living-Learning Center
Dr. Laine Scales, Professor of Higher Education, Educational Leadership and Associate Dean, Baylor Graduate School.

Dr. Choucair says, "Literature is a vehicle for me to speak with students. Many things in literature resonate with our lives. Literature and fiction mimic our lives; that's why we read it. we grow from it."
Story by Cameron Bocanega
Dr. Scales says, "All of us are in a community together, all around this subject we are trying to learn. This is much better than trying to have students compete against each other or compete for grades or try to outshine each other."
Story by Courtney Marco

Waco Tribune-Herald

Dr. Lakia ScottBook Based on Baylor Mission Trip to Support School in Ghana
Dec. 21, 2016
Featured: Curriculum & Instruction faculty member Dr. Lakia Scott and senior education major Branda Greening, who co-authored a book about their experiences on a Baylor mission trip to a Ghana school. Proceeds from book sales will buy supplies for the school, which Scott and Greening will deliver during a return trip in 2017.
Story by Philip Ericksen

Waco Tribune-Herald

Midway High Associate Principal Gets State Honor
Becky Odajima pictured at Midway High SchoolDec. 18, 2016
Featured: Doctoral candidate in Curriculum & Instruction Becky Odajima, associate principal of Midway High School, who was named the Texas Assistant Principal of the Year by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP). Midway ISD is a partner district of the Baylor School of Education, and Midway High School in a Professional Development School campus of the School, where Baylor teacher candidates gain valuable field experience.
Photo by Midway ISD

Fox 44 TV,

SOE Professor and Student Co-Author Children's Book
Dec. 16, 2016
Featured: Faculty member Dr. Lakia Scott and senior education major Branda Greening, discussing the children's book they wrote about their mission trip to Ghana, titled The Children of Kyerekrom
Story by Sarah Macias

Dr. Tony Talbert interviewed by Jose Garcia of KXXVKXXV-Channel 25

Faculty Expert Dr. Tony Talbert Talks Teacher Retention
Dec. 14, 2016
Featured: Faculty member Dr. Tony Talbert, discussing the role of university-based teacher-preparation programs in the retention of classroom teachers, and partner school district Waco ISD.
Story by Jose Garcia

"Public Health Minute" by Lehman University NPR

Student Veterans Transition to Higher Education
Dec. 1, 2016
Featured: Faculty member Dr. Janet Bagby about her research study on the transition of military veterans to higher education.
Interview by William Latimer

Waco Tribune-Herald:

Cara Allen helps organize Free Farmers MarketFree Farmers Market at Baylor program was organized and inspired by the research of an SOE doctoral student and faculty member.
Nov. 3, 2016
Featured: faculty member Dr. Nathan Alleman, Educational Leadership, higher-ed doctoral student Cara Allen (pictured)
Story by Kristin Hoppa
Photo by Rod Aydelotte

Waco Tribune-Herald:

Veterans of Baylor program, founded by SOE professor through research on veterans in higher education
Sept. 2, 2016
Featured: faculty member Dr. Janet Bagby, Educational Psychology
Story by Phillip Erickson

Dr. Robin BattershellTemple Daily Telegram:

SOE Alumna Finalist for Statewide Superintendent of the Year
Aug. 30, 2016
Featured: Baylor School of Education graduate Dr. Robin Battershell, EDD '93, named Region12 Superintendent of the Year and one of five state finalists
Story by Crystal Dominguez

Waco Tribune-Herald:

Community Support Helps South Waco Elementary’s Academic Turnaround
Aug. 26, 2016
Featured: Baylor School of Education graduate Julie Moore Carter, BSEd ’76, and Baylor graduate Mary Ila Colvin, BA ’48. A retired teacher, Carter launched a mentoring program at South Waco Elementary, headquartered at Seventh & James Baptist Church, and Colvin is a mentor in the program.

Fox 44 TV:

Tamara Hodges interviewed by television reporterHow to handle bullying in school
Aug. 26, 2016
Featured: faculty member Dr. Tamara Hodges, Educational Psychology
Excerpt from Dr. Hodges: "It is more problematic for the child if the parents or the school doesn't listen and do something. So the level of support in a child's life is critical and some adult in their life that validates that they hear them and that they are going to do something about it, can stop the life-long impact of bullying."
Story by Sarah Macias

NPR's Texas Standard (KWBU-FM):

iEngage Camp 2016
Aug. 9, 2016
Featured: faculty member Dr. Brooke Blevins, Curriculum & Instruction
Interview by Carlos Morales

iEngge photoWaco Tribune-Herald:

iEngage Camp 2016
Aug. 6, 2016
Featured: faculty members Dr. Brook Blevins and Dr. Karon LeCompte, Curriculum & Instruction 
iEngage camper Hannah Okafor (pictured)
Story by Shelly Conlon
Photo by Rod Aydelotte
"In the past year, at age 13, Okafor has broken even more boundaries by getting elected to her student council and petitioning Rapoport Academy to create a football team for her peers and her to play on, now that she’s about to be too old for her current football program, she said.

Her efforts wouldn’t have been possible had she not attended Baylor University’s iEngage Summer Civics Institute the past four years and worked up the courage to get involved in her school, Okafor said."

Waco Tribune-Herald:

Math for Early Learners Academy (MELA)
July 26, 2016
Featured: faculty member Dr. Sandi Cooper, Curriculum & Instruction
SOE graduate and Brook Ave Elementary principal Sarah Pedrotti
Story by Shelly Conlon
"The concept for the program came together in the fall, and Cooper launched the first Math for Early Learners Academy this month with the support of Baylor’s School of Education, Waco Independent School District, college students and parents.

The four-week camp, which ends Thursday at Baylor’s Mayborn Museum, provides 4- and 5-year-olds with a basic number sense before they start kindergarten."