The Baylor SOE Electronic Portfolio

The following information applies only to current Interns in the School of Education.

The SOE electronic portfolio (efolio) is built with WordPress, a web-based blogging platform hosted by CampusPress, the higher education branch of EduBlogs. You will no doubt use EduBlogs or something similar at some time in your career as a teacher. For your efolio, we worked hard to provide a seamless experience. When we create a site for you, we install a template that meets all the technical requirements and facilitates use and evaluation with minimal training (see disclaimer below.) You can sign up for a free account with EduBlogs to see what the full experience is like. You may even blog yourself through your Baylor experience for your family and friends! See:

Efolios can be accessed at:

Refer to the Teacher Education Handbook for more information regarding the electronic portfolio requirement.

Please use the resources in the callout box on the right to learn how to use and manage your Baylor SOE efolio.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the template prepopulated on your site was carefully crafted to leverage the strengths of this platform for your efolio. While a number of things have been disabled, there are still ways to change settings that will potentially cause problems. Please be careful as you explore the site.