GT conference

Fall GT Conference

2019 Fall
Gifted and Talented Conference
Baylor University

Hankamer Cashion Building, Fifth Floor
Baylor University Campus
Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019
8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Registration Cost (Lunch Included):
$100 General Registration
$125 On-Site Registration


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This conference offers high-interest sessions for individuals who teach and administer programs for gifted and advanced learners. It is geared toward both novice and experienced educators.

In three breakout sessions, gifted education specialists will describe specific classroom strategies and practices, including topics such as

  • differentiation
  • underachievement
  • identification
  • and more

These breakouts, in addition to the keynotes, will help provide educators with the tools needed to help all students reach their full potential.


Morning Keynote Session:
"Leveraging Partnerships to Promote Talent Identification and Development of Underserved Youth"

Dr. Brittany N. Anderson
Assistant Professor in Urban-Multicultural Education
Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

This keynote will focus on ways educators and community partnerships can use their agency to create and sustain partnerships focused on the talent identification and development of underserved youth. Dr. Anderson will discuss the current landscape of gifted education in relation to talent identification and development for underserved youth, as well as provide strategies to help educators understand authentic ways to support the identification and development of underserved youth. In addition, Dr. Anderson will share her own personal experiences as a gifted student, as a classroom teacher, and now as an assistant professor in teacher education.

Afternoon Keynote Session:
"Creative Pedagogy in Gifted Education Learning Designs"

Dr. Todd Kettler
Associate Professor
Department of Educational Psychology
Baylor University School of Education

Developing creative capacity in all students — and especially gifted and talented students — becomes a higher priority with recent cultural/economic trends such as automation, the knowledge economy, and the rise of the creative class. Creativity in academic work focuses on the generation of ideas or solutions that are novel and appropriate in the context of the discipline. Learn how creative thinking should be developed in conjunction with content knowledge and skills through engaging teaching models, strategies, and tactics. 

This conference provides an opportunity to earn continuing education hours.

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