Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Undergraduates

How many students are in the SOE?
Fewer than 500

What is the average class size?
Average class size in the School of Education (SOE) is fewer than 15 students!

How will my dual credit and AP credit count for my SOE major?
Any incoming credit will count as college credit earned, however the manner in which it counts for a specific SOE major will vary. Please discuss this with an SOE academic advisor. General Baylor guidelines for AP tests are located here: AP TESTS

When will I start interacting with school-aged students?
Your very first semester! When you take “Introduction to Teaching” (TED 1312), you will learn to plan lessons and will teach students through one-on-one or one-on-two lessons twice a week in a local public school.

How many field experiences will I have as an SOE student?
You will have 6 semesters of field experience!

What is a “content area”?
School of Education students pursuing a middle grades (grades 4-8) or secondary (grades 7-12) certification choose a teaching content area. Baylor offers

  • English, Language Arts and Reading (ELAR)
  • General Science
  • Life Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Social Studies

Can I have a double major in Education?
The School of Education does not allow double majors. We do have Education concentrations for students majoring in Biology, Health Science Studies, History, Mathematics and Physics.

Is a minor required?
Baylor SOE programs are inclusive, meaning certification and content coursework will be imbedded in your chosen program. Therefore minors are not required for SOE majors. The clinical nature of our programs can create a scheduling challenge for adding an additional minor. Please discuss this with an SOE academic advisor.

Will I be prepared for the certification test after graduation?
You will actually be prepared for the certification tests prior to graduation! Baylor currently has a 100% pass rate on state certification tests.

Does the SOE offer joint Master’s degree programs that lead to teacher certification?
Because the SOE has undergraduate degrees in numerous content areas, we do not offer joint Master’s programs that lead to teacher certification. We do have a 15-month master’s program in Curriculum & Instruction for education graduates already certified.

If I choose Elementary Education with a concentration in Gifted & Talented, will my clinical teaching be exclusively with Gifted & Talented students?
No, the concentration allows a candidate to pursue a supplemental certification. That allows you to work with an additional group of students. When applying for jobs, you could apply for either general Elementary classroom positions and/or Gifted & Talented classroom positions.

Is there a coaching certification?
There is no certification or set of coursework required to coach. To coach in a public school, you must have a valid Texas teaching certificate. Therefore, we recommend you choose a teaching field that you would enjoy regardless of your coaching duties.