Learning Resources Center (LRC)

The Learning Resources Center is the education-specific library serving faculty, students and teachers with educational resources, including journals, teaching resources, state testing files, and hands-on learning materials.


The mission of the Learning Resources Center of the School of Education is to meet the needs of both faculty and students by providing materials related to the subject fields, to child and adolescent learning, and to professional knowledge that support the SOE curriculum, and to offer students experience in using equipment and materials similar to those they will use when they begin teaching. 


The LRC has resources available for check out and for on-site use, depending on the item. The LRC also offers computer resources, both MAC and PC, and printers for student and faculty use. Click "resources" for more information.


We would love to hear from you. Please use the link below to communicate your suggestions or improvement ideas for either the LRC in MMSci or the LRX in South Russell.

Suggestions for the LRC or LRX