Undergraduate Study Abroad

Baylor Education in Costa Rica (ESL)
Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, Baylor students study methods of teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) the summer after the sophomore or junior year. Students spend mornings at Saint Anthony School, a dual-language, K-12 school. Afternoons are dedicated to course seminars and activities at the National University. On weekends, the group travels outside of San Jose on guided excursions and service projects. Students earn up to six credit hours.

Faculty Director: Rick Strot
Term: Summer One


Interns in Australia
As part of their senior intern experience at Baylor, students spend three weeks teaching in the Camp Hill area of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Interns assist with classroom instruction, present lessons on American culture and conduct research. The Thanksgiving feast is always a favorite for the Baylor students and Aussies alike. After their teaching experience, the students spend the fourth week traveling. The Great Barrier Reef and Sidney are popular destinations.


Faculty Director: Dr. Suzanne Nesmith
Term: Fall semester

Interns in England
Baylor senior teaching interns spend three weeks teaching in the London suburbs of Kingston-Upon-Thames and Surbiton. They immerse themselves in the English schools and communities, teaching alongside British mentor teachers and participating in comparative international education seminars and professional development. Weekends and a fourth week are available for travel.

Faculty Co-Directors: Dr. Tony Talbert and Dr. Barbara Purdum-Cassidy
Term: Fall semester

Costa Rica Spring Break Mission Trip
All levels of Baylor students are welcome for this non-credit service trip to Santa Elena School in San Jose, Costa Rica. The discipline-specific trip focuses on work with the school, but students also enjoy cultural site seeing to national treasures such as volcanoes and waterfalls. Over the years, Baylor students have also helped raise money for books and other equipment for the school, which serves Nicaraguan refugees.

Faculty Director: Dr. Randy Wood & Dr. Trena Wilkerson
Term: Spring Break

Ghana Education Mission Trip
This Baylor Mission trip open to all students is ideal for education majors and others interested in education-related professions. In Ghana, students spend a majority of their time with the children in The Village of Kyerekrom, working alongside teachers at the local school. Students participate in a variety of activities including sharing the gospel, teaching English, African American History, Math, and Science. Students also support teachers, provide school supplies, and engage in other community development activities. Students also have an opportunity to teach wellness education to children (ex. teeth cleaning, hand washing). 

Faculty Director: Dr. Lakia Scott
Term: May Minimester