Stories of Impact - Augie Strauch, Senior

November 9, 2019

AugieAugie Strauch wants to be a teacher so he can help the rambunctious students who remind him of his younger, rowdy self. A senior majoring in Secondary Social Studies, Strauch works hard to forge a deeply personal connection with his students. He said it’s important that his kids feel comfortable and safe enough to ask questions and ask for help.

“The kids in public school — sometimes they don’t want to be there,” Strauch said. “So, you have to find something to motivate them and get them to really get passionate about what they are doing.”

Strauch’s journey to certification is being funded partially by the generous Oscar Reeves scholarship. “I wanted to become a teacher because I am passionate about education and learning.”

Strauch wants to teach high school for several years and eventually step beyond secondary education into a more administrative role, either as a professor, principal or superintendent so that he can impact education under a wider umbrella.

“I will always be a teacher first,” he said.

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