Stories of Impact - Coleman Crosby, Senior

November 7, 2019
ColemanA senior all-level Spanish education major from Kansas City, Mo., Coleman Crosby is a recipient of the Todd and Amy Patterson Scholarship. Crosby taught at University High School in Waco last year and this year is an intern at Midway High School near Waco.

“Scholarships have been very important for me, as I would not have chosen to attend Baylor without them,” Crosby said. “Scholarships have given me peace of mind so I can focus on what I love most, which is teaching. What’s so beneficial about School of Education scholarships is that they enrich the educational experience of the future teacher in addition to hundreds of future students.”

Upon graduation, Crosby plans to teach middle school Spanish or work in a bilingual classroom.

“Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the United States, making it undoubtedly the most important foreign language to learn, especially here in Texas. By teaching Spanish, I am not only helping students gain another language, but gain the keys to interact with millions of people. Bilingual individuals are in high demand, and by teaching, I can guide students to complete God’s purpose for those who speak Spanish and English.”

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