Annual Update: Giving to the SOE

September 11, 2016
Total giving to the School of Education topped $1.05 million for 2015-16, with 102 endowed scholarship funds. Students who plan to be educators are especially in need of scholarship awards, said Dr. Michael McLendon, dean of the SOE, because they are entering service-oriented careers in a field with relatively low levels of pay.

Fa16-GivingPageNumbers-400The SOE uses endowment funds to supplement financial aid that students receive from the University, outside sources or loans. Many Baylor students who qualify for need-based scholarships still have unmet need.

Among Baylor students overall, those with unmet need have an average outstanding need of more than $23,000 per year. The School of Education is the only school or college at Baylor that awards financial aid to incoming freshmen, in addition to that provided by the University.
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