Web Extra: Danielle Fearon

January 15, 2015

Dr. Fearon’s Professors and Students Speak:

W-15-Fearon-Extra-200w"Danielle was an ambitious, hard working, and intellectually curious doctoral student in the Educational Psychology program. She continues to demonstrate these traits as we further our research collaborations by studying student success at Baylor."

Alex Beaujean, PhD
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

Director, Baylor Psychometric Laboratory

“We are fortunate to have someone of Dr. Fearon’s caliber at Baylor. She has the required skills and knowledge needed as well as a high standard for her work. When you find someone with these qualities you want to hang on to them.”

Terrill F. Saxon, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair, Educational Psychology
Baylor University

“Dr. Fearon taught my class in ‘The Developing Child’ in the Department of Educational Psychology. Dr. Fearon's unique personal experiences provide a pluralistic view that enhances the traditional classroom experience. She challenges students to seek a greater global understanding of the diverse world. Dr. Fearon is a passionate and intelligent young professor, who is dedicated to expanding the intellectual capacity of Baylor University scholars into future world leaders.

Dr. Fearon and I often engaged in professional discussions regarding challenging worldly issues. She has encouraged and challenged me to pursue a life of excellence.”

Jackie Searles
Baylor University (Junior)
All-Level Special Education Major
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