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The Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development is thrilled to launch Baylor Talent Identification Program (TIP). Baylor TIP offers above-grade-level assessments for students in Grades 4 and 5 and Grades 7 and 8. Read more about the new initiative!


To identify exceptional talent in STEM and the humanities and provide world-class learning opportunities commensurate with students’ exceptional potential.


  • Provide transformative learning opportunities to precollegiate students in the areas of STEM and the humanities.
  • Identify and recruit diverse students from Texas and surrounding areas with the ability, interest, and motivation to achieve at exceptional levels.
  • Prepare precollegiate students for exceptional achievement by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment in a caring environment. 

Talent Search Process

  • Register for and take the above-level the College Readiness Assessment (CRA) or the Indicator of Academic Readiness (IAR). Tests can be taken online or in paper form.
  • After taking the assessment, students will receive a detailed score report that includes educational recommendations.
  • All students who qualify for Baylor TIP are eligible to participate in learning opportunities offered by the Center, including University for Young People (UYP). 
  • Students will be honored in a recognition ceremony, which will be held in May each year.

To participate in our talent search program, a student must have one of the district's top-performing scores on the previous year's STAAR test (based on state or local norms, with local norms being preferred), been accepted to a district's gifted and talented program, or be recommended by an educator as a student with potential for performing at a high level.

Fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students will take either the CRA 8/9 or IAR 8/9 exam. Seventh- and eighth-grade students will take either the CRA or IAR exam.


Individual students who are interested in taking an above-level test will register through this website. All individual students will take the assessment online at their convenience. It is web-based, so no special software is needed.

School district administrators who are interested in assessing multiple students should contact for more information.

Upcoming Baylor TIP Information Sessions for School District Administrators

New dates will be posted this summer.

Upcoming Baylor TIP Information Sessions for Parents

New dates will be posted this summer.

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