PhD Specialization in Special Education

With a focus on high-incidence disabilities, the special education PhD specialization prepares doctoral students for positions in research and leadership in higher education or the community. Baylor uses a competency-based approach to ensure doctoral students gain knowledge and skills in research, teaching, and supervision while our coursework offers a blend of theory and practice for serving individuals with high-incidence disabilities. Doctoral students will have research opportunities at the Spring Literacy Clinic offered through the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities and in the newly developed twice-exceptionalities programming through the Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development.

Special Education Specialization Doctoral Courses
  • PSY 5311 Seminar in Memory and Cognition
  • PSY 5323 Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • EDP 5329 Counseling Theories and Techniques
  • EDP 5332 Human Growth and Development
  • EDP 5333 Psychology of Learning, Cognition, and Affect
  • EDP 5354 Curriculum Differentiation
  • EDP 5357 Single Subject Research Design
  • EDP 5358 Teaching Individuals with Autism & Developmental Disabilities
  • EDP 5361 Challenging Behavior
  • EDP 5363 Assessment for Learners with Exceptionalities
  • EDP 5367 Developmental Psychopathology
  • EDP 5377 Applied Behavior Analysis
  • EDP 5393 Cultural Issues with Children and Families
  • EDP 6320 Assessment in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • EDP 6325 Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
  • EDP 6333 Advanced Human Growth and Development
  • EDP 6333 Advanced Study of Human Learning
  • EDP 6333 Research Practicum in Education
  • EDP 6338 Grant Writing
  • EDP 6350 History and Systems in Educational Psychology
  • EDP 6354 Advanced Single Case Research
  • EDP 6367 Individual Differences
  • EDP 6370 Case Study Research Methods and Analysis in Education
  • EDP 6380 Community Experience in Developmental Disabilities
  • EDP 6390 Seminar: Education
  • EDP 63XX Special Education Law
Special Education Faculty

Tracey Sulak, PhD
Dr. Sulak’s primary research interests involve the impact of environment on educational outcomes across the lifespan, and much of her research is funded by internal and external grants. Dr. Sulak conducts both applied research and secondary data set analysis, with much of her applied research situated in local public schools or colleges and universities. 

Tonya Davis, PhD, BCBA-D
Dr. Davis’ research interest involves the treatment of severe challenging behavior among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Tamara Hodges, EdD
Dr. Hodges’s interests are in curricular issues for special needs students, therapeutic approaches for individuals with eating disorders, and depression in adolescents and young adults. Dr. Hodges holds a license for the independent practice of psychology in Texas and is a licensed specialist in school psychology (LSSP).