PhD Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is using the science of behavior to make meaningful impacts on people’s lives. Doctoral students specializing in applied behavior analysis (ABA) will study advanced concepts and principles in ABA. Additionally, doctoral students will gain knowledge and experience in conducting behavior analytic research, teaching ABA courses, and supervising preservice behavior analysts. Doctoral students will have the opportunity to practice and conduct research at the Baylor Clinic for Assessment, Research & Education (CARE), Baylor's ABA clinic housed at the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD).

Certification and Licensure
  • Students interested in a career in applied behavior analysis should be aware of the two primary credentials that are often needed: board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and licensed behavior analyst (LBA; sometimes called a licensed applied behavior analyst or LABA).
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ABA Specialization Doctoral Courses

EDP 5301    Philosophy of Applied Behavior Analysis
EDP 5302    Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
EDP 5354    Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis
EDP 5357    Single Subject Research Design
EDP 5358    Teaching Individuals with Autism & Developmental Disabilities
EDP 5V98   Practicum in ABA
EDP 5361    Challenging Behavior
EDP 5374    Managing Behavior Change Programs
EDP 6320    Assessment in Applied Behavior Analysis
EDP 6325    Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports
EDP 6343    Consultation and Supervision in Applied Behavior Analysis
EDP 6354    Advanced Single Case Research
EDP 6355    Advanced Concepts in Applied Behavior Analysis
EDP 6363    Verbal Behavior
EDP 6380    Community Experience in Developmental Disabilities

ABA Faculty

Jessica Akers, PhD, BCBA-D
Dr. Akers’ research interests include strategies for promoting appropriate social and play skills and verbal behavior in individuals with autism and related disabilities.

Tonya Davis, PhD, BCBA-D
Dr. Davis’ research interest involves the treatment of severe challenging behavior among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Stephanie Gerow, PhD, BCBA-D
Dr. Gerow’s research interests include applied behavior analysis, challenging behavior interventions, and teaching natural change agents (e.g., parents, teachers) to implement interventions.

Kristen Padilla-Mainor, EdS, LSSP, BCBA
Ms. Padilla-Mainor’s scholarly interests are in the areas of behavioral assessment, behavior management, and autism spectrum disorder.