Admissions: MSEd Ed Psych - ABA

Enrollment: Summer Semester (typically)
Application Deadline:

Feb. 1 (Summer or Fall Enrollment)
Dec. 1 (Spring Enrollment)

Application is through the Baylor University Graduate School.


Application Requirements:
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • GRE Scores
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Undergraduate Transcripts
Admission FAQ
  1. Is the GRE a requirement for admissions?
    Yes, the GRE is a requirement for any applicant seeking the MSEd in Educational Psychology with a Concentration ABA.
  2. Is there a minimum GRE score requirement?
    No, an applicant’s admission materials are reviewed as a whole package. Although we do not have a minimum score, we generally advise that applicants scoring below the 30th percentile in any of the three subtests consider retaking the exam in efforts to improve the score.
  3. Are applicants required to have a specific undergraduate degree field or prior experience with Applied Behavior Analysis?
    No, we accept students with a variety of backgrounds. Each academic background brings a unique perspective into the student’s graduate studies. While most of our students have undergraduate degrees in psychology or education, we have had successful students with almost every other degree available! We also have students with years of experience with ABA and/or children with developmental disabilities, and some who have none. We welcome any student with a passion to start graduate studies in the field of ABA regardless of past experiences.
  4. What should I include in my personal statement?
    Describe your interest in pursuing the MSEd in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in ABA at Baylor University. Share with the admissions committee your professional interests and career aspirations.
  5. Who should write my letters of recommendation?
    We advise that you vary the individuals writing your letters of recommendation in order to give a broad overview of your strengths and needs. We recommend you include a letter from at least one professor who can describe your academic potential and one supervisor who can describe your strengths in professional settings.
  6. Will I be required to complete an interview as part of my application process?
    In many cases, we will invite applications to participate in an interview held via videoconference.
  7. Can I apply early?
    Yes, we welcome early applications. In some cases, we may be able to provide you with an early decision, depending on the availability of the admissions committee to review early applications.
  8. Do all new students begin in June?
    We highly recommend all students begin in June. The ABA courses are sequenced in a way that they cannot be taken out of order and the sequence begins in June. While students pursuing the MSEd or MA in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in ABA can enroll during the fall or spring semesters, this will require additional time to complete the degree and you will be a part-time student for some or all of the semesters of your program. Click HERE to view the various enrollment and anticipated graduate dates.

  9. Are all students awarded an internship? If not, when will I know if I have been awarded an internship?
    We know how important financial support is to your decision to attend Baylor University! We work hard to provide many financial opportunities for students. As a result, many students receive internships and scholarships; however, these are competitive. In most cases, funding award decisions will be communicated with applicants in at least one to three months prior to enrollment.