EdS Testimonials

“Baylor's School Psychology Program best prepared me to effectively consult with teachers and administrators, understand school climate and culture, administer appropriate assessments to drive instruction, make relevant decisions to individualize instruction and resources for students, and support the whole child through collaboration, intervention, creating school wide positive supports, and counseling.”

— Amber Bruner, EdS, NCSP
School Psychologist (KY)
School Psychologist of the Year, Central Kentucky Region, 2013
Kentucky Best Practice Award in School Psychology, 2013

“I really appreciated the opportunity to have hands-on experience in multiple school settings and with a variety of professionals during my coursework in Baylor’s school psychology program. Such preparation made for a smooth transition to my internship and subsequently, my career. I also found very helpful the opportunity to build strong relationships with my cohort and the professors involved in our program!”

— Kristal Lowry, EdS, BCBA
Autism & Behavior Specialist (TX)

“What prepared me most for my career . . . was the training I received in: consultation, assessment, confidentiality, and practical ideas on fostering relationships with children, families and school personnel. I continue to be grateful for the guidance and tools Baylor's program provided me.”

— Amanda Rogers, EdS
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (TX)
Texas Association of School Psychologists Outstanding Graduate Student, 2004

“The coursework, practicum, and clinic experiences at Baylor provided me with foundational skills useful for effectively treating school-aged children's mental health challenges across numerous settings including schools, primary care, and hospitals. ”

— Jeff Shahidullah, EdS
Assistant Professor of School Psychology, Rutgers University
PhD, Michigan
Hyman-Lambert Memorial Scholarship, American Academy of School Psychology
2014 Anne Anastasi Research Award, APA Division 1, 2014
Patrick H. DeLeon Prize, APA Division 55, 2013

"I am light years ahead of my colleagues in understanding....assessments as well as how to actually interpret and conceptualize both my data and anecdotal information such as observations during testing. [Program faculty] helped our cohort understand the very human aspects of working as a school psychologist with people of all sizes and shapes. Through my experiences in the BARC [Baylor Autism Research Center] and coursework, I was able to apply my knowledge immediately in the field of school psychology and in working with students. I know I am a leader for our district's Autism team! The staff in the School Psychology program at Baylor are truly caring individuals that are driven by a passion to cultivate well-rounded school psychologists that can adapt to most any situation. I am so very thankful for my experience at Baylor.

— Natalie (Jones) Strand, EdS
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (TX)