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Gifted & Talented Education

By studying Gifted & Talented Education, students gain knowledge and skills for identifying and serving gifted and talented students. Teachers in this discipline are members of a highly professional group of qualified educators of exceptional children. They also gain enhanced competencies in learning and developmental differences, assessment, curriculum, instructional strategies, and designing positive learning environments.

Professionals may work toward any of the following certificates and/or degrees:

  • Texas Supplementary Certificate in the Education of the Gifted and Talented
  • Master of Science in Education with a Specialization in Gifted and Talented
  • Doctor of Philosophy with a Research Specialization in Gifted and Talented

Information on the Undergraduate Supplemental in GT is here:

Gifted & Talented Supplemental

Successful graduates may work in a variety of settings:

  • Resource teachers in a public or private school, working in a pull-out setting with gifted students
  • Classroom teacher, teaching in public or private schools
  • Classroom teacher, teaching in a magnet school for gifted students
  • Consultant, working with other professionals in schools, regional service centers, and other community institutions, and planning programs for gifted students
  • Coordinator of gifted education programs
  • Faculty at higher education institutions (doctoral graduates)

Graduate Programs

Graduate students seeking a specialization at the master’s or doctoral level should complete 12 hours from these core courses:

  • EDP 4350. Introduction to the Gifted Child
  • EDP 5351. Social/Emotional Needs of the Gifted
  • EDP 5310. Curriculum Development for the Gifted
  • EDP 5311. Creativity and strategies for Teaching the Gifted
  • EDP 5V54. Practicum with Gifted Students

For more information on the PhD with GT specialization, go HERE.

The Baylor faculty is highly qualified and has extensive experience as researchers, teachers, evaluators and professional development specialists. Faculty members in GT are students oriented and work closely with the students to help them gain appropriate skills and understanding.

Students have opportunities to collaborate with local districts and agencies, including

  • Attending and presenting at the Gifted Education Conference in the fall
  • Teaching in the University for Young People (UYP), a summer enrichment program for gifted and talented students in grade 1-12 .
  • Mentoring Project Promise students, who are low-income gifted students who attend UYP.
  • Providing assistance, through contracts with local school districts, advanced academic programs for GT students
  • Co-presenting with faculty at state and national conferences
  • Collaborating on research projects with faculty and other graduate students specializing in GT education

For more information:
Dr. Todd Kettler, GT Program Director