Graduate Minor - Research Methods and Data Analysis Track

The graduate minor in Educational Psychology offers students a chance to gain more advanced training in quantitative methods than they might obtain in their regular program.

It is available to students in any Baylor program outside of Educational Psychology. It is ideal for students in other School of Education doctoral programs (in Curriculum & Instruction or Educational Leadership) and students in other behavior-oriented programs such as psychology, social work, business or sociology.

The graduate minor requires 12 semester hours at the 5000 or 6000 level.

Core classes for the Research Methods and Data Analysis Track are:

  • EDP 5334 Statistical methods
  • EDP 6362 Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis in Education
  • EDP 6360 Experimental Design I

In addition, students must take one graduate course in Research Methods. Some examples of research methods courses (not necessarily inclusive):

  • EDP 5335 Research in Education
  • EDC/EDP 6336 Qualitative Research and Data Analysis
  • EDC/EDP 6339 Ethnographic Research Methods in Education
  • EDC 5327 Research and Advanced Methods of Teaching Writing
  • EDC 6340 Research in Mathematics Education
  • HED 5379 Research Methods in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation
  • ENH 6300 Research Methods: Nutrition & Weight Management
  • ENH 6302 Research Methods: Exercise & Rehabilitation
  • ENH 6304 Research Methods: Preventive Health Intervention
  • EDA 6300 Research in Educational Administration I

For more information:
Dr. Grant Morgan