PhD Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Philosophy degree requires a minimum of 65 hours of coursework plus 9 hours of dissertation (41 hours of core courses and 24 hours of specialization courses). Up to 12 hours may be transferred upon petition approval. These hours must have been completed within the previous five years of being admitted into the doctoral program.

Required Core Courses (41 hours):

General/Applied (8 hours)
EDP 6154. Introduction to Multidisciplinary Studies
EDP 6155. Reflection of Multidisciplinary Studies
EDP 6338. Grant Writing
EDP 6340. Practicum in Adult Learning: Campus-Based

Foundations/Research (18 hours + Dissertation)
EDP 6350. History and Systems in Educational Psychology
EDP 6333. Advanced Study of Human Learning
EDP 6332. Advanced Human Growth and Development
EDP 6353. Creativity and Problem Solving
EDP 5393. Cultural Issues with Children and Family
EDP 6335. Research Practicum in Education
EDP 6999. Dissertation

Statistics/Measurement (15 hours)
EDP 6360. Experimental Design I
EDP 6362. Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis in Education
EDP 6336. Qualitative Research and Data Analysis OR EDP 6359 Mixed Methods Research
EDP 6337. Psychometric Theory and Test Construction
EDP 5340. Measurement and Evaluation

Strand Courses (24 hours)

Strand 1. Exceptionalities: Assessment
EDP 5328. Intellectual and Academic Assessment I
EDP 5337. Intellectual and Academic Assessment II
EDP 5394. Social-Emotional Assessment
EDP 5357. Single Subject Design

Strand 2. Exceptionalities: Behavior Management
EDP 5346. Therapeutic Intervention
EDP 5356. Behavior Management
EDP 5361. Challenging Behavior in Developmental Disabilities
EDP 5358. Autism
EDP 5357. Single Subject Design

Strand 3. Exceptionalities: Gifted and Talented
EDP 4350. Introduction to the Gifted Child
EDP 5351. Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
EDP 5352. Curriculum Development for the Gifted
EDP 5353. Creativity and Strategies for Teaching the Gifted

Strand 4. Learning and Development:
EDP 6345. Adult Learner Advanced
EDP 6330. Seminar: Educational Psychology
PSY 5311. Seminar in Memory and Cognition
PSY 5323. Biological Foundations of Behavior

Strand 5. Measurement:
EDP 6367. Individual Differences
EDP 6361. Experimental Design II
EDP 6366. Item Response Theory
EDP 6365. Latent Variable Models in Education
EDP 6336. Qualitative Research
EDP 5357. Single Subject Design
EDP 6359. Mixed Methods Research
HED 5337. Health Concepts in Epidemiology
SOC 6307. Statistical Methods for Survey Research
SOC 6314. Advanced Quantitative Analysis
SOC 6318. Sampling Techniques
STA 5386. Mathematical Statistics II
STA 6360. Bayesian Methods
STA 6375. Computational Statistics
STA 6384. Analysis of Categorical Responses

Strand 6. School Psychology:
The school psychology specialization requires 52 hours of specialization course work for students entering with a Bachelor’s degree, which includes earning a non-terminal Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) degree. The courses listed below are required for students with no previous training in school psychology.

Students entering the Ph.D. degree program with a Master’s or Educational Specialist degree in school psychology (or related field), may be able to transfer in part of their previous graduate course work towards the Ph.D. degree requirements. Their course plan must include at least 4 hours of EDP 5V78 and 2 hours of EDP 6182 as part of a year-long doctoral internship.

EDP 5328    Psychological Assessment of Children and Adolescents I: Cognitive
EDP 5337 Psychological Assessment of Children and Adolescents II: Psychoeducational
EDP 5341 Professional Issues and Ethics for School Psychologists
EDP 5356 Psychological Interventions with Children and Adolescents: Behavior EDP 5360 Psychological Interventions with Children and Adolescents II: Counseling
EDP 5362 Psychological Interventions with Children and Adolescents III: Academic
EDP 5366 Psychology of the Exceptional Child
EDP 5367 Developmental Psychopathology
EDP 5370 Consultation and Parent Conferencing
EDP 5394 Psychological Assessment of Children and Adolescents III: Social Emotional
EDP 5V78 Practicum in School Psychology (6 semesters; 11 hours)
EDP 6182 Doctoral Internship in School Psychology (2 semesters; 2 hours)
PSY 5323 Biological Foundations of Behavior
EDA 5345 Fundamentals of School Administration Research design course elective (3 hours)