Why the PhD in Educational Psychology?

  • Vast majority of students pay no tuition and no student fees!
  • Competitive graduate assistantship support your academic growth.
  • Outstanding faculty mentorship beginning in your first semester
  • Opportunities to publish research and present at national professional meetings with faculty
  • Students can customize their specialization coursework to meet their needs.
  • Graduates have excellent career success with many securing academic positions immediately after graduation.

Notable Statistics:
• Doctoral student publications (2.4 per capita in 2015) are No. 1 among doctoral programs at Baylor.
• Doctoral student presentations (3.2 per capita in 2015) are No. 2 among doctoral programs at Baylor.
• Average number of graduates (4.3 per year in 2015) is highest number in the social sciences at Baylor.
• Alumni satisfaction is consistently ranked in the top five at Baylor.
• Academic Analytic ranking (86th percentile for 2015) is among top three at Baylor.