PhD in Educational Psychology

The Doctor of Philosophy program in Educational Psychology develops researchers and scholars for higher education and applied fields of psychology. Students may attend the residential program full time or part time. Typical time to completion of coursework is three years for full-time students and five years for part-time students, with an additional year to complete the dissertation.

The multidisciplinary program allows students to choose 24 hours of coursework in the following areas:
• Exceptionalities (Applied Behavior Analysis / Gifted & Talented)
• Learning and Development
Quantitative Methods
School Psychology
• Multidisciplinary Studies

Financial Assistance:
All doctoral students receive either graduate assistantships and/or tuition scholarships, through an application and interview process.

Goals of the Program:
• Develop researchers with a balance between disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives
• Improve the quality of instruction and research in higher education institutions
• Develop teachers who are scholars and encourage inquiry-based learning and creative production
• Develop researchers in exceptionalities, learning and development, school psychology, and quantitative methods

Grant Morgan, PhD