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Doctor of Philosophy

The goals of Doctor of Philosophy program are to:

  • Develop researchers with  a balance between disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • Develop researchers in exceptionalities, learning and development, and/or measurement.
  • Improve the quality of instruction and research at higher education institutions.
  • Develop teachers who are scholars and encourage inquiry-based learning and creative production.

Graduates from this program may expect to:

  • Teach at the higher education level such as in departments of educational psychology or curriculum instruction, medical schools, at church-related institutions, and at community colleges.
  • Coordinate centers for professional development and continuing education in colleges, private industry, or the health fields.
  • Develop and implement honors programs at the higher education level.
  • Develop field-based adult-based education programs.
  • Become evaluators in public or private schools.
  • Become researchers in research and development centers.

Download a brochure that describes the program.

Contact the director of the program: Susan K. Johnsen, Ph.D.