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Master's Programs in Educational Psychology

The master's programs are designed for students who are interested in individual differences, working with children, youth or adults in educational settings, conducting educational research or ultimately intend to pursue the PhD degree in Educational Psychology or a closely related field. Students who complete the MSED or MA will be able to describe (a) the foundations of educational psychology, (b) individual differences in learning and development, (c) research methods in education, (d) current issues and trends in educational psychology, and (e) relationships between measurement, exceptionalities, and multicultural issues.

Master of Science (MSEd)

The MSEd degree requires the completion of thirty-six hours of graduate course work. Twenty-one of these hours consist of a core curriculum in educational psychology that includes: learning (EDP 5333), development (EDP 5332), measurement (EDP 5340), exceptionalities (EDP 5366), cultural issues (EDP 5393; NOTE: EDP 5393 may be taken as mini semester study abroad in Costa Rica), educational research (EDP 5335), and special topics (EDP 5V95).

The remaining hours may include graduate level courses from one or more of these areas: assessment, research and statistics, learning and development, gifted and talented, or applied behavior analysis. With approval, up to fifteen hours of electives may be taken outside the department and School of Education. The affordance of electives allow students to select courses that match not only their interests but their future career goals.

Master of Arts (MA)

The MA degree requires thirty hours of graduate coursework including a 3-hour thesis course. The masters thesis is typically an independent research study that includes the posing of a research question, design of a study to address it, collection of data, and the presentation and defense of the results. Twenty-one hours of core coursework are the same as that listed above for the MSEd. Generally, the MA is considered to be good preparation for those students wishing to pursue the PhD degree.

Quantitative Methods Specialization

There is a well-documented shortage of professionals with quantitative skills, which makes graduates with such competencies in high demand. To help meet this demand, we offer a 5th Year MA program for undergraduates interested in quantitative methods. This program allows undergraduates the opportunity to develop skills in quantitative research and complete a Master’s degree in one year.

The purpose of the 5th year MA program in educational psychology with a specialization in quantitative methods is to prepare professional researchers to understand and apply advanced quantitative research methods to address social problems and understand educational, psychological, and methodological research so that program graduates can contribute new knowledge to the field.

In this program, students will learn research skills necessary for understanding the gap between theory, research, and practice. With these skills, students will conduct principled inquiry that promotes quantitative scholarship to advance knowledge and educational and psychological practice; these skills benefit students in doctoral programs or a research-related career.

For more information, see the Quantitative Methods Specialization handbook and the departmental listing of quantitative courses.

For more information on either the MSEd or MA program please contact Dr. Terrill Saxon at

Admission to the Master's Program

Admission begins with an application to the Graduate School at Baylor University. The application process is online. You will need to choose Educational Psychology and designate either the MSEd or MA.


The master’s program accepts applicants for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Note: If you are applying to the ABA specialization, you will begin during the first summer term. It is preferred that prospective students have their completed application to the graduate school by early February in order to be more competitive for potential graduate assistantships and other financial aid options. Completed applications will be reviewed throughout the year.

Students must first meet the admission requirements for graduate study at Baylor University. Admission to the master’s program also requires a recommendation for acceptance by the director of the master’s program.

A student seeking to enter the master’s program submits an Application for Graduate School Admission to Baylor University along with an application fee payable to Baylor University.

An application for admission to the master’s program is considered complete and ready to review when the following documents have been submitted to the Graduate School at Baylor University:

1.     All official transcripts for undergraduate and graduate course work (An overall 3.0 grade point average for previous coursework is desirable).

2.     GRE scores (contact master's program director to discuss a possible exemption).

3.     An application form (designating either MSEd or MA).

4.     Three letters of recommendation (preferably one from an academic advisor, and at least one from someone familiar with the your experiences).

5.     Personal statement by the student outlining his/her background and professional objectives.

In addition to these documents, the director requires an interview with all applicants.

The director along with department faculty considers a broad range of academic, personal, and experiential factors in making its recommendations on admission.

If you have questions, please contact:

Terrill F. Saxon, Ph.D.

Director, Master’s Programs in Educational Psychology