What EdD Students Say

Mike Rockwood

“I was accepted into a prestigious online program simultaneously and had to make a decision; I chose Baylor’s on-campus model. The strength of the cohort is invaluable. Not only do you get to hear from experienced superintendents and professors, but you also form deep relationships with educators who have a variety of unique perspectives.

"What drew me to Baylor is the focus on the practitioner.”


John B“I have aspired to come to Baylor for many years, but financially was never in a position to realize that dream. So the opportunity for a scholarship through this graduate program has made it affordable for me to earn a doctorate degree from Baylor University.

“The fact that it’s a Christian university is important to me. My undergraduate and master’s degrees are from state universities. Those were good experiences and degrees, but this is an opportunity to match my values and beliefs with the educational process.

“It’s been challenging; there’s that certain level of expectation, because Baylor has high standards. I have learned so much already, and I’ve been in awe of some of the presenters we have access to, but that’s because it’s Baylor. People want to invest in and support the program because it’s Baylor.”


Courtney“I love the program; it’s been life altering already. It has pushed me to think more deeply, and I am learning things that I put immediately into practice with my colleagues. It has changed everything and given us more momentum.

"I chose Baylor because I love Baylor’s reputation as a research university and a Christian university. As a Midway ISD employee, I have worked with the School of Education and really value our relationship with the School of Education.”