How long does it take to complete the degree?

It varies depending on the plans of each student. The academic schedule, individualized plans for fieldwork (internship, practicum, or thesis) and the terms associated with a graduate assistantship will increase or decrease the time spent. The program can be fast-tracked to finish in 16 months, but most students complete the degree over a 21 or 24 months. In some circumstances the program can be completed over a longer time frame for those with full-time employment commitments.

What is the cost of attendance?

Over the past four years, more than 60% of students in the Sport Management program have received significant assistance with Baylor tuition in the form of graduate assistantships. The percent coverage and the amount of living stipend students can earn will vary. These graduate assistantships greatly reduce the actual cost to attend Baylor University. Students are held accountable for paying the general student fee which depends on the number of hours the student is enrolled in. You will find more detailed information on the  Student Financial Services website.

How do I find out about graduate assistantships?

Graduate assistantships are available through the Sport Management program, other areas of study at the University, the athletic department, campus recreation, or local high schools or community colleges. Work-study jobs are also available to assist with the cost of attendance. General job listings and additional information about what to do can be found on the Student Employment website.

What tests and scores are required for admission into the program?

Official results from either the GRE or GMAT are required for admission. Benchmark scores for full admission would be at the 50th percentile or above for both the verbal and quantitative portions of the exam. Your best score is taken into consideration when applying for admission to the Sport Management program. Utilize study guides, practice tests or test prep classes to help maximize your score.

What is the average class size in Sport Management?

Due to the small size of the program, class sizes typically range from 12 to 20, depending on the class. Most of the coursework is located in the Mars McLean Science Building, home to the School of Education, where our program is housed. The majority, if not all, of the students in your class will be fellow Sport Management majors.

How many hours are considered full time?

Nine credit hours are considered full time for graduate level students in the Sport Management program. Students enrolled in internship or thesis hours are also classified as full-time. Sport Management program faculty works diligently to meet your academic needs on a timeline that works with your schedule.

Are there any undergraduate prerequisite courses?

There are no required undergraduate prerequisite courses when applying to this degree. Diversity in thought is a valuable resource welcomed by this program. Due to the rapidly growing field of professional work in sports, varied educational backgrounds provide new ways for development not only in the classroom, but also in the field.

If I am currently in a graduate program, can I transfer courses into this one?

A limited number of graduate coursework can be transferred into the program, but it must be approved by the program director. Baylor Graduate School regulations limit this to no more than 25% of non-field-based credit hours. The maximum amount would be 7.5 credit hours and for our program; this typically translates to two courses.

What are comp exams and when do I have to complete them?

Comps, or comprehensive exams, are uniquely designed written exams to test the students’ level of understanding for a course and are a requirement of your master’s degree. These exams are offered one time in each academic term (fall, spring and summer). The exam is typically completed during the final term of traditional coursework within your program of study. The selection of your content area courses must be made with the input and approval of your program director, and a signature of this director is required on the application form. If you are not sure of the appropriate term to take your comps, please consult with your program director/advisor.

Comps are graded on a 5-point scale (fractional scores are possible) in which 4 is the maximum amount of points and 0 is the minimum amount of points a student can earn. In order to achieve a passing grade on the written exam, the student must earn a total of 16.7 points (averaging approximately 2.8 points per question; 70% overall) over six tests to complete the Sport Management master’s degree.

What can I do with a Master’s degree in Sport Management?

With a Master’s in Sport Management, the possibilities of employment reach across the interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional levels. Executive roles in marketing, sponsorship, or sales, being a head coach or an athletic director are sample paths taken by graduates of this program. Check out the latest issue of “Bear Trails,” the official newsletter of Baylor’s Sport Management program for an inside look on accomplishments by our alumni and current events!

Where do graduate students live while completing the program?

Graduate students usually live off campus in apartments, condos or houses. The average student lives within a 1-2-mile radius of the University. Common leasing offices used by students are Brothers Management and Carbajal Realty. The University offers two select housing options for graduate students. For more information, follow this link: Graduate Student Housing Community

Are there meal plans for graduate students?

Most graduate students do not purchase a meal plan. If desired, there are flexible options offered to all students for purchase. Plans range from 3 to 10 meals per week with varying amounts of dining dollars included in the plan. Meals can be redeemed at any of the dining halls on campus other than the Baylor Athletic Nutrition Center. Dining dollars are redeemable at food service providers located on campus, such as in the Bill Daniel Student Center, where you will find Chick-Fil-A, Freshii, Einstein’s and Panda Express. To find out more about cost and how to request a meal plan, click here.