EdD in K-12 Educational Leadership

The Baylor Doctor of Education (EdD) in K-12 Educational Leadership is a cohort-based practitioner-oriented doctoral program for leaders of schools, educational systems, and agencies. Designed for the dedicated working education professional with weekend scheduling, the program prepares highly qualified practitioners to lead K-12 education institutions, while refining skills for executive positions in public, Christian, and private educational systems or agencies.

Accepted EdD candidates receive significant financial aid and pay approximately 50 percent of the regular per-course-hour Baylor tuition rate, which changes on a yearly basis. Tuition in the program is based on the per-course-hour rate in the Baylor University Graduate School.

The Baylor EdD in K-12 Educational Leadership emphasizes complex problem solving for educational leaders. The Baylor program trains visionary leaders who are prepared to face the data-driven challenges of today’s educational landscape.

Program Highlights:

Tuition Assistance —

Accepted EdD candidates receive financial assistance of up to 50% of tuition. This puts a Baylor doctoral degree within reach, especially since the program is designed for educators to continue in their professional careers.

Cohort Model —

Students advance through the EdD program alongside colleagues in a cohort of educational leaders. This model provides an enriched and cooperative learning experience that builds teamwork and networks.

Weekend Scheduling —

To accommodate the schedules of working professionals, courses are taught in intense, concentrated segments over several weekends and during the summer.

Mentored Clinical Experience —

The EdD curriculum includes a structured clinical experience designed to support the program. Students benefit from a field experience addressing complex problems of practice, guided by a veteran educational executive. The mentorship experience fulfills the requirements for Superintendent Certification in Texas.

Certification Preparation —

The EdD curriculum, which provides broad preparation for leadership positions in K-12 institutions, will prepare candidates for Superintendent Certification if they choose to pursue it. Coursework supports certification requirements, and the Baylor School of Education’s Office of Professional Practice (OPP) will facilitate certification.

Focus on Problem Solving —

Baylor’s EdD prepares leaders within a character-based, ethics-informed framework for solving complex problems in educational practice, providing a strong knowledge base and teaching important analytical, management and leadership skills.

Blend of Theory and Practice—

All coursework ties theory to practice, culminating in a capstone experience. Through the dissertation-in-practice, students address real-life problems in education, applying knowledge by analyzing data, developing a plan for implementation, and persuasively presenting the data-based solution.

Carnegie logoBaylor University School of Education is a member of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate, which is the knowledge forum on the EdD. It has a membership of over 100 schools of education in the United States, Canada and New Zealand working collaboratively to improve professional preparation in education at the highest level.

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*Does not include superintendent preparation.