EdD Research and Writing Development Center

About the EdD RWDC

The EdD Research and Writing Development Center (RWDC) provides writing support to Baylor’s Online Ed.D. students through ALL stages of the writing process. We offer regular writing workshops and individualized writing consultations via Zoom. The EdD RWDC specializes in writing development strategies, meaning that rather than proofreading documents, we focus on identifying key writing techniques and practices that can help students grow as writers beyond the individual documents that we review.

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EdD Research and Writing Development Center Policies

Scheduling: All appointments must be scheduled online. We recommend scheduling at least two weeks in advance to allow for a broader selection of available appointment times.

Document Submission: Students wishing to have a document reviewed must submit the document to EdD_Writing@Baylor.edu or directly to their designated writing consultant at least two business days before the scheduled appointment to allow time for the Writing Consultant to review the document and provide quality written feedback.

Scheduling Frequency: Students may schedule up to one writing consultation every three weeks. 

Cancelations: Students wishing to cancel or reschedule an appointment must provide at least 24 hours' notice. Cancelations received within 24 hours of the appointment time are counted as Missed Appointments.

Missed Appointments: All missed appointments count against a student’s scheduling frequency limitations.

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