English as a Second Language Supplemental Certification

In addition to initial certification as EC-6, Middle School, or Secondary teachers, students may earn a supplemental certification in English as a Second Language (ESL) at Baylor. Teachers with ESL certification are in demand in Texas public schools. 

ESL teachers work with students whose home language is a language other than English. ESL teachers provide sheltered instruction support to ESL students who are learning both English and subject matter in Texas classrooms. 

No foreign language proficiency is required for the ESL certificate.

ESL Supplemental Certificate requirements:
  • Completion of TED 4312, Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language*
  • Intern classroom placement that includes work with ESL students
  • Attendance at Intern year ESL certificate seminars
  • Take and pass the TEXESS ESL supplemental diagnostic exam
  • Take and pass the TEXESS ESL supplemental exam after completion of initial certification exams

*TED 4312 may be taken during the summer through a School of Education study abroad experience in Costa Rica.

Baylor teacher education courses and field experiences prepare teacher candidates to effectively engage and impact the education of ESL students.