All-Level Education

All-Level Education

The School of Education offers two degree plans in all-level education.

All-Level Spanish
All-Level Special Education

(offered through the Department of Educational Psychology)

All-level Spanish is ideal for individuals interested in teaching Spanish, whether they are already fluent or not. The program prepares graduates to teach at any level.

The BSEd in all-level Spanish offers

Faculty-guided Field Experiences

Field experiences begin the first semester and are layered with progressively more complex situations, so that preservice teacher candidates have sustained opportunities to deepen and expand their knowledge for the subject and effective teaching practices. Field experiences culminate in a yearlong teaching internship that makes Baylor graduate uniquely qualified to assume a position of leadership in teaching.

Engaged Faculty

Students are guided by passionate and knowledgeable faculty who have extensive classroom teaching experience, teacher education experience and deep content knowledge in their field.

High Demand for Graduates

Because of the rigor of the Spanish program, graduates are in high demand. They are highly recruited by top school districts, and they make an immediate impact on the campuses.

Research Opportunities

All seniors conduct Action Research within the classrooms where they are serving teaching internships. This experience provides them with an understanding of how they can continue to use research to improve their teaching practice.

Teaching Abroad

Study abroad programs in the School of Education offer undergraduates the opportunity to not only learn while in another country, but also to teach.

For more information:
Dr. Sandra Talbert, Secondary Program Director

All-Level Education Degree Plans:

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