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Department of Curriculum & Instruction
The Department of Curriculum & Instruction prepares professional educators for transformative leadership in research-based teaching practice and student learning. Graduates shape the future through research and practice, addressing complex issues with innovation and creativity.
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Dr. Larry Browning Retires After 42 Years
The classes are all taught, the papers all graded, and Dr. Larry Browning has mostly cleaned out his familiar office as he prepares for a well-earned retirement. After 42 years with Baylor University, Browning is thankful for the fond memories he’s made and the people he has shared them with.

“Over 42 years the change has been phenomenal,” Browning said. He recalled earlier times at Baylor when Fountain Mall was a parking lot and mornings were spent drinking coffee in the faculty lounge of the SUB before classes. “We’d go in there and sit and waste an hour every morning eating cookies and drinking coffee,” Browning said.

Browning has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Reading, Social Studies and Curriculum in the School of Education. Since 2006, he has served as the chair of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction.
Outstanding Seniors Honored by Baylor School of Education
Baylor School of Education (SOE) recognized seven seniors as outstanding students at the 34th Annual Senior Recognition Banquet April 25. Seniors were recognized for their excellence in academic and fieldwork in education programs and their readiness to impact the world.
Baylor SOE Honors Memorable Teachers
Two teachers were honored at the annual Baylor University School of Education Senior Recognition Banquet on April 25. Following tradition, Baylor School of Education seniors had the opportunity to nominate teachers who had been influential in their lives. Students submitted a nomination essay about their teacher, and the awarded educators were chosen by a Baylor faculty committee.

This year, Steve Willemssen of Aurora, Illinois, and Andy McCoy of Georgetown, Texas, were honored with the Baylor School of Education’s “Most Memorable Teacher” award.