Martha Edwards Beyer

Martha (Edwards) Beyer (right), graduated in 1957 from the School of Education. She shared two stories with us from her days at Baylor. 

“My two favorite professors at Baylor were Bob Reid (below, left) and Dr. Hanna (below, right). I had never been fond of history until I took a class from Bob Reid. He made it come alive with real people rather than just dry dates and boring events. He roamed the classroom acting out historical characters.  It was hard to take notes because I just wanted to listen and watch him. But his tests were sober reminders that good notes and hard study were essential.
I specifically remember one test. It had four questions. I don't remember the first or fourth questions, but the second question was to list the four reasons in order of their importance for the War of the Roses; and the third question was to write an essay on the third reason for the war.  If the list of reasons was incorrect, then you also missed the essay question and failed the test because each question was worth 25 points. Augh! But I took a minor in history because of Bob Reid and have never regretted it.


Dr. Hanna was my education professor, and as different from Bob Reid as can be imagined. He was very soft-spoken and immaculately dressed. His lectures were not “ivory-tower” educational theories, but very practical ways of dealing with children, discipline and principles of teaching. I took nearly every course that he taught, and his teaching affected the teaching I have done the rest of my life."

Martha Beyer also shared this memory with us:

"Baylor required one quarter of practice teaching in order to graduate. However, my guidance counselor and I miscalculated the number of senior courses I had taken. We discovered that I lacked one advanced course just before registration for the spring quarter of my senior year. I immediately went to Dr. Hanna for advice.  He suggested that I take a second course of practice teaching. I was currently teaching at the junior high level, so I signed up to teach a high school class. Since he was my advisor for both classes, I learned a lot. When we arrived in California and I began to look for a teaching position, I discovered that California required two courses of practice teaching. God is good! He used my oversight and Dr. Hanna's wise counsel to prepare me for two years of teaching gifted students while Doug attended seminary."