Maria Franquiz Lecture

In February the School of Education was honored to host esteemed scholar and bilingual expert Dr. Maria Franquiz, who delivered the Centennial lecture on the topic "Illuminating the World Through the Gift of Bilingualism." While in Waco, Dr. Franquiz also visited public schools, spent time with Baylor students and met with educators and community leaders at ESC Region 12. The takeaway? Being bilingual, or multilingual, has value for schools and communities and should not be seen as a problem that requires correcting. 

In addition to her roles at the University of Utah College of Education, Dr. Franquiz is the co-editor of Bilingual Research Journal, the premier research journal in bilingual education, and has published two books and numerous scholarly articles in prestigious journals.

Perhaps you missed the lecture? No worries! The link below can take you to a full video, and we've also included links to photos from her visit to Waco along with an interview conducted on the occasion of her visit.

Watch Dr. Franquiz's LECTURE 
Photos from Dr. Franquiz's visit on FACEBOOK 
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