Share Your Memories

Your Baylor memories are important, and your fellow graduates or faculty members want to hear about YOUR time at Baylor! If you find something interesting or significant, chances are other people will, too! 

Share your best School of Education memories with us for a chance to be featured on our website. What was student teaching like? Which professors influenced you the most? What lessons from your Baylor experience are still coming to mind? What friendships have lasted through the years?

If you are part of Baylor SOE now, last year or 50 years ago, we'd like to hear your SOE memories! (And please upload a photo if you have one!)

Shanna Poyner Attai, BSEd ’09, MSEd ’10, PhD ’15

Memory: Costa Rica study abroad

Martha Edwards Beyer, '57 

Memories: Doctors Reid, Hanna, and divine intervention 

Call for Memories