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Hillcrest PDS Oral Histories

In 2003, as Baylor's Professional Development School program was celebrating its 10th year, Richard Strot conducted a series of interviews with the teachers and academics who were fundamental in building the award-winning partnership between Baylor SOE and the Waco Independent School District. Today, 26 years later, the PDS partnership has grown to include nine campuses in both Waco and the neighboring Midway Independent School District. The efforts have twice been recognized for excellence by the National Association for Professional Development Schools.

Interviewees for the Hillcrest PDS project were teachers Paula M. Hoover, Bianca Ochoa, Michelle Schlappe, and Victoria Ward and Baylor Professors Elden Barrett, Fred Curtis, Thomas J. Proctor and Pat T. Sharp. 

Richard Strot's passion for working in clinical settings with teacher education candidates continues to this day. He is director of the English as a Second Language (ESL) supplemental certification program, director of the SOE's Global Initiatives and is the Liaison at Bells Hill Elementary PDS in Waco. 

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