Kevin D. Dougherty

Kevin D. Dougherty
Associate Professor of Sociology
Graduate Program Director
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2003 Ph.D. in Sociology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
1999 M.S. in Sociology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
1993 B.A. in Communication Arts, summa cum laude, George Fox College, Newberg, OR


Dr. Kevin Dougherty is an award-winning teacher and active researcher. He teaches large sections of Introduction to Sociology almost every semester. At the graduate level, he teaches the Seminar in Teaching and The Sociology of Religious Organizations. His research explores religious affiliation, religious participation, racial diversity in congregations, congregational growth and decline, and the impact of religion on other realms of social life such as community involvement, politics, and work. He also regularly writes and speaks about innovative teaching. His published research appears in leading academic journals and has been featured in news media such as the Chronicle of Higher Education, CNN, National Public Radio, and USA Today.

Recent Publications

Kevin D. Dougherty and Mark T. Mulder. Forthcoming. "Worshipping Local? Congregation Proximity, Attendance, and Neighborhood Commitment." Review of Religious Research. 

Yoshito Ishio, Kevin D. Dougherty, and Izumi Niki. Forthcoming. "American Flags in Religious Congregations in the United States." Journal of Church and State.

Kevin D. Dougherty, Mitchell J. Neubert, and Jerry Z. Park. 2019. “Value Orientations and Prosperity Beliefs: Fueling or Suppressing Entrepreneurial Activity.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 58(2): 475-493.

Edward C. Polson and Kevin D. Dougherty.  2019. “Worshipping Across the Color Line: The Influence of Congregational Composition on Whites’ Friendship Networks and Racial Attitudes.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 5(1): 100-114.

Kevin D. Dougherty and Michael O. Emerson. 2018 “The Changing Complexion of American Congregations.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 57(1): 24-38.

Mitchell J. Neubert and Kevin D. Dougherty. 2018. “Innovative Work and Worship Contexts and Their Association with Regulatory Focus Mindsets and Nascent Hybrid Entrepreneurship.” In Faith and Work: Christian Perspectives, Research and Insights into the Movement, edited by Timothy Ewest (169-191).

Kevin D. Dougherty and Ryan J. Dougherty. 2018. “Football, Recruitment, and Retention at U.S. Christian Colleges.” Christian Higher Education 17(3):139-150.


Relevant Tracks:  Community Analytics and Sociology of Religion

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