Yingling Liu

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M.A. Sociology, Baylor University, expected May 2019
M.A. Communicaton, Abilene Christian University
Master of Law, International Economic Law, Zhongnan University, China
Bachelor of Law, International Economic Law, Zhongnan University, China


Before Yingling came to Baylor, she has had my law degree in China and a Master’s degree in communication from Abilene Christian University. With a dream of teaching in higher education, she decided to come to pursue my Ph.D. degree. Applied Sociology Ph.D. program at Baylor is one of the only few graduate program in the nation that focus on applied sociology into real world practice. Especially, the CCRD ( center for community research and development), which is under the sociology department at Baylor, provides grad students with hands-on experience with sociological research and real world problem solving.  Thus, Yingling found out soon after entering the program that our alumni has not only place faculty positions, but also landed jobs in the industries and non-profit. This fact makes her like the program even more.

Yingling have been enjoying the family-like environment of the department as well as the whole Baylor campus. Here at Baylor, there are multiple places where grad students can find trainings with writing, teaching, and job hunting—both in academic and professional settings. And faculty members are willing to devote their time and expertise to our success.

Currently Yingling is entering her second year of the program. Her research interest falls in health and medical sociology, social status and inequality, applied sociology and quantitative method. Yingling looks forward to develop my expertise and discovering the best future application of my interests.

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