Tolbert Endowed Scholarship

Charles & Jean Furr Tolbert Endowed Scholarship

Charles and Jean Tolbert have had a love for Baylor University for many years. Charles has taught and helped to guide students majoring in sociology. He retired as chairman of the Department of Sociology in 1988. Jean Furr Tolbert served Baylor as a librarian 1964-1990. The help provided through this fund will enable students who desire to work in a sociology-related field to be trained and educated by professors who practice what they teach.

Juniors are invited to apply for the Charles M. and Jean Furr Tolbert Sociology Endowed Scholarship. To be eligible, you must be a junior (who will hold senior status during the 2023-2024 academic year) have sociology as your declared major and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Sociology double-majors are also eligible, but sociology must be listed as the first major.  The deadline for the next academic year changes each year, however, is always the last Friday before spring break.

Apply for the Charles & Jean Furr Tolbert Endowed Scholarship Fund here.

Recent Recipients

2022-2023 - Grayson Moore and Andrea Vazquez

2021-2022 - Matthew Beard and Kristy Hoffman

2020-2021 - Hannah Victoria League and Kevin Thompson

2019-2020 - Hannah Parrott and Karin Cristina Simpson

2018-2019 - Christine Michelle Capili and Stacy Suzette De Leon 

2017-2018 - Angelica Phillips and Alexander Vanhee

2016-2017 - Emily Kate Bell and Eli Xavier Ornelas

2015-2016 - Michael (Maggie) Alexis Garcia

2014-2015 - Melanie Macatee Babb and Koby Tucker Marsh

2013-2014 - Sydney M. Shields

2012-2013 - Jessica Lee Leng Chia and Brandy Rae Parker

2011-2012 - Kristin Elliott

2010-2011 - Andrew Clay Stevens

2009-2010 - Candice Coker

2008-2009 - Diana J. Read

2007-2008 Allyson C. Cook

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