Matt Henderson
  E-mail: Matt Henderson

  Graduate Assistant
  Sociology of Religion Track

  Ph.D., Sociology, Baylor University expected August 2017 (ABD)
  M.A., Sociology, Baylor University, 2014
  M.A., Sociology, University of Houston, 2012
  B.S., Sociology, University of Houston, 2004

Department of Sociology
P.O. Box 97326
Waco, TX 76798
(254) 710-7073

Matt Henderson’s research focuses on the social consequences of beliefs and ideologies, especially in the areas of mental health, race and ethnicity, and religion. His current research projects include an examination of the role of Subjective Social Status on a number of health outcomes, including sleep quality, depression, obesity, and self-rated health. He is especially concerned with the role of status hierarchies, such as those related to race and class, in influencing mental health outcomes. His research also investigates the influence of ideology in moderating these effects. Matt is currently working on his dissertation which examines the role of ontological certainty on psychological distress.

 Recent Publications:

Blake Victor Kent and Matthew W. Henderson. Forthcoming. "Attachment to God, Tenure, Race, and Participation in Congregational Life." Review of Religious Research.

Bradshaw, Matt, Blake Victor Kent, W. Matthew Henderson, and Anna C. Setar. 2017. “Subjective Social Status, Life Course SES, and BMI in Young Adulthood.” Health Psychology 36(7):682-694.

Henderson, W. Matthew, F. Carson Mencken and Brittany Fitz. 2017. “Judgmental God Image, Social Embeddedness, and Social Trust Among the Highly Religious in the United States.” Journal of Contemporary Religion. 32:1-14.

Henderson, W. Matthew, Jeremy E. Uecker, and Samuel Stroope. 2016. “The Role of Religion in Parenting Satisfaction and Parenting Stress among Young Parents.” The Sociological Quarterly. 57:675-710.