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Christopher Pieper
Christopher Pieper Senior Lecturer of Sociology

One Bear Place, # 97326
Waco, Texas 76798-7326

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Chris Pieper graduated from Southwestern University with a BA in Communication with Honors in 1996 and an MA in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998. He earned his doctorate in Sociology from UT-Austin in 2011. Prior to returning to academia in 2004, Dr. Pieper was for six years Communications Director at the Center for Public Policy Priorities, a research and advocacy organization working on behalf of low-income Texans. He most recently served as Visiting Instructor in Sociology at the College of William and Mary.

In 2015, Dr. Pieper's first book, "Sociology as a Spiritual Practice: How Studying People Can Make You a Better Person," was published.  Using illustrations from current events, comparative religion, and new social research, the book demonstrates that practicing social science cultivates empathy, mindfulness, and the virtues that bring lasting happiness.  Far from being enemies, spirituality and social science are seen as complementary paths toward personal and collective flourishing.

Dr. Pieper is now working on multiple projects related to moral activism, particularly religious social movements of the 20th century which continue to shape the political and cultural landscape today.  His research interests include social theory, political sociology, religion, and media culture. He teaches introductory sociology, Senior Colloquium, and graduate courses in political sociology and contemporary theory. 



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