Baylor > Sociology > SSSR 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
October 28-31, 2010

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

Graduate student presenters:

Paul Castronova

"Gender, Risk, and Religiosity"

Scott Draper

"Leaving the Past Behind: An Analysis of Change in Individual Religious"

Aaron Franzen

"Impact of Experiences on Religious Certainty"

Shanna Granstra

"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged: Relationships between Body Mass Index and Engagement in a Religious Community"

Lindsay Morrow

"Minimally Counter-intuitive God Concepts"

Ashley Palmer

"Gender Differences in Strain during Emerging Adulthood"

Ashley Palmer

"Gender, Risk, and Religiosity"

Jeremy Rhodes

"Examining the Effects of Congregational Embeddedness on Political Tolerance among Evangelical Protestants"

Andrew Whitehead

"No Small Group is an Island: Organizational Effects on Financial Commitment"