Baylor > Sociology > SSSA 2010
Houston, Texas
March 31 - April 2010

Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA)

Graduate student presenters

Katherine Ballew

"Public Cell Phone Usage and Its Affect on Interpersonal Relationships"

Phil Davignon

"Globalization, Poverty, and Inequality: Developing a Framework to Further the Debate"

Jessica Farrar

"Community Characteristics and Volunteerism"

Anna Garland

"The Determinants of Neighborhood Association Membership:

Fear, Friendship, and Racial Diversity"

Alessandra Gonzalez

E"Social Capital of Mosque Networks in Majority Muslim Countries"

Wes Hinze

"Self-Employed and Paid Employee Earnings in Three Southern States:

A Multilevel Model"

Brandon Moore

"The Problem of Poverty"

Andy Pagel

"The Virtual Society and Mental Life: Applying Simmel to Online Social Interaction"

Casey Pederson

"Transportation, Migration, and Community Involvement"