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Charles Tolbert

PHD Faculty - Dr. Charles Tolbert

Professor of Sociology

P.O. Box 97326
Waco, TX 76798
(254) 710-6060

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Charles Tolbert has been involved with graduate education since 1980 and came to Baylor in 2000. He returned to his alma mater (class of 1973) nearly 25 years later to build on the potential of the the small and highly effective applied sociology doctoral program. He is the chair of the sociology department. His areas of research include social stratification, social demography, rural sociology and quantitative applications. Dr. Tolbert teaches basic data analysis, advanced quantitative methods, and demographic techniques.


Recent Publications

F. Carson Mencken and Charles M. Tolbert. Forthcoming. “Locally Owned Bank Concentration and Bank Loans for Nonmetropolitan Business Start-Ups and Expansions: A Multilevel Analysis from the 2007 Survey of Business Owners.” Rural Sociology.

F. Carson Mencken and Charles M. Tolbert. 2016. "Restructuring of the Financial Industry and Implications for Sources of Start-up Capital for New Businesses in Nonmetropolitan Counties'." Journal of Rural social Sciences 31(1):71-82.

Charles M. Tolbert, F. Carson Mencken, Troy C. Blanchard and Jing Li. “American Civic Community over Space and Time.” 2016 in Reclaiming Space: New Middle-Range Theory in Spatial Demography.(F. Howell and J. Porter (eds.), Springer Press.* Chapter 12: 235-252.

Halbesleben, Katie L. and Charles M. Tolbert. “Small, local, and loyal: How firm attributes affect workers’ organizational commitment.” Local Economy 29:795-809, 2014.

Blanchard, Troy C., Samuel Stroope, and Charles M. Tolbert. “Bringing the Congregations Back In: Religious Markets, Congregational Density, and American Religious Participation.” Religions 5:929-947, 2014.*

Tolbert, Charles M., C. Mencken, Jing Li, and Lynn Riggs. “Traditional and Alternative Financial Institutions in Rural America.” Rural Sociology 79:355-379, 2014*

Stroope, Sam, A. Franzen, Charles M. Tolbert, and C. Mencken. “College Graduates, Local Retailers, and Community Belonging in the United States.” Sociological Spectrum 34:143-162, 2014.*

Tolbert, Charles M., F. Carson Mencken, T. Lynn Riggs, and Jing Li. “Chasing Capital.” International Innovation 126:88-89, 2014.*