Opinion Pieces from Partners

The writings below are from current students, alumni, and Baylor University faculty and staff on topics within social work that impact congregations and communities:


Congregations and social work: Moving into the unexpected By: Julianna Marraccino

From disorientation to reorientation: Turning forced isolation into Sabbath experiences By: Julia Wallace

Hospitality: Easier to give than receive By: Brianna Childs

Local coalitions need congregations: A call to action By: Rachel Gillespie

Psychological impacts of pandemic distancing likely to linger By: Aaron Walling

Sabbath gives clarity during grief-filled pandemic By: Elizabeth Franklin 

Seeing the unexpected: Connected congregations and social work By: Julianna Marraccino 

Social distancing as an act of sacred mercy By: Erin Albin Hill

Sweat, tears, and the sea: How to endure loss in the pandemic By: True Head

The pandemic calls for innovative responses By: Jess Gregory


A problem in women's Bible studies By: Elizabeth Franklin

Coffee and crocheting: Calling for greater depths in women's ministries By: Elizabeth Franklin

Don't underestimate the power of little things By: Nataly Mora

Learning justice demands all of me By: Gaynor Yancey

Texas: Social Workers can refuse services to LGBTQ, Disabled By: Erin Albin Hill

Race Relations

After MLK Day and Black History Month, now what? By: Julianna Marraccino

Finding new life in the desert as a church becomes a place of healing for racial trauma By: Nataly Mora

How to stand in solidarity with people of color By: Adam Jones 

Racial reconciliation must include trauma ministry By: Joy Moton

Shepherding Christians who want to pursue racial justice By: Adam Jones 

Resources for Congregations

3 habits help lonely people feel connected By: Cecily McIlwain

Discovering your community through the practice of the labyrinth By: Rachel Gillespie

Evangelicals aren't dealing well with grief By: Samuel Still 

Five ways congregations can care for their pastors By: Mahcoe Mikel

Four ways to help others through grief and mourning amid of social isolation By: Jacob George

Grief, the holidays, and the Church By: Julia Wallace

How to provide pastoral care for complicated grief By: Paige Shellhorse

How to walk alongside people recovering from addiction By: Lacey Fitch-Ondracek

How your child handles grief: Part 1 By: Karson Loomis

How your teen handles grief: Part 2 By: Karson Loomis

Ministering to teenagers with depression By: Michael Owusu

Spiritual care and first responders: Why bother? By: Heath Holland

Why you should view your words as expressions of love By: Lacey Fitch-Ondracek

Spiritual Formation

Bigger: The sanctuary of nature and the presence of God By: Veronica Timbers

'Here I am' means being seen and refreshed by God By: Cecily McIlwant

How we can worship together through fear and hope By: Mahcoe Mikel

Love your neighbors but don't forget God and yourself By: Jackie Murphy

Naked and ashamed: American Christianity's purity culture and embodiment in the Church By: Alice Fry

Rebuilding deconstructed lives by Joy Moton 

Spiritual formation: One season at a time By: Dr. Gaynor Yancey

Where is home for you? By: Dr. Gaynor Yancey

When clergy neglect good R&R By: Raul Balandrano


After spiritual trauma, finding welcome in church once more By: Mallory Homeyer Herridge

Caring for others through trauma sensitive language By: Brianna Childs

Compound collective trauma: Four ways ministry leaders can help By: Erin Albin Hill

Spiritual trauma and congregations: A missing link By: Jess Gregory

What collective trauma teaches congregations By: Erin Albin Hill

Why all congregational ministry should be trauma ministry By: Erin Albin Hill