Admission Decision FAQ

You've completed your application to be considered for the Master of Social Work program at the Garland School of Social Work. Wondering what's next?

Read below for information about admission decision timelines, details about different types of financial aid, and what you can expect after you receive an admission decision.

Admission Decision Timeline

We operate on a rolling admissions basis, financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The final application deadline is May 1st.

Application Deadlines Admission Decision Timelines Deposit Deadlines
March 1st Mid-March April 12th

Receiving An Admission Decision

Students considered for admission will receive notification of their decision via email. You will receive an email informing you that a decision has been made on your application. Students will be able to view their admission letter on their GoGarland Status Portal. As a reminder, admitted students will receive both their admission and financial aid letter at the same time.

Students who are admitted into the MSW program will be required to submit a $250 enrollment deposit to secure their offer of admission and financial aid. The date by which students are required to submit the enrollment deposit is listed on the GoGarland Portal, students may also find the deposit deadline dates in the table above.

Post-Enrollment Deposit Process

Once students submit the enrollment deposit, it's time to prepare for the first day of class! Students will be contacted by the MSW Program Manager, Morgan Strehlow, with information about activating their student email, obtaining their student ID, and enrolling in classes. Additionally, students will be contacted by the Field Team to begin securing field internship placements for the upcoming school year. The field internship process does not start until a student submits their enrollment deposit. We encourage students to submit the deposit as soon as possible to have first pick of the field internship locations!